Office Application Course


Hamko ICT Ltd has designed its Office Application Course bearing the necessity of Microsoft(MS) Office Applications for corporate purposes in mind.  Any who wants a corporate office job needs the medium to advanced knowledge in Microsoft Office Applications. We are here to provide you full training on MS Office Applications. No prior knowledge in required. We start from scratch and and make you an advanced level MS Office Application user.

After completing this course, you will be able to do any corporate computer work. Certainly we will provide you a certificate. You can get a job based on this knowledge or you can start your own business related to MS Office application.

  1. Computer
  2. Basic knowledge of computer
  1. MS Office Word
  2. MS Office Excel
  3. MS PowerPoint
MS Office Word
  • MS Word 2016 Interface
  • MS Word file: Create, Save, Delete, Restore and Rename
  • Choosing an alternate location, Copy, Cut, Paste and Shortcut
  • Exploring Menu Bar
    • Home: Typing a Paragraph
    • Cut, Copy, Paste, Format, Bold, Italic, Underline, Change Font, Font Size, Color & Highlight the text
    • Bullet, Number, Line Space, Find & Replace, Align
    • Print Preview, Print & others
  • Insert: Table, Shapes, Clip Art, Smart Art, Word Art, Picture, Header & Footer, Page Number, Equation Symbol and many more.
  • Design: Watermark, Page Color, Page Border
  • Page Layout: Margin, Orientation, Size, Columns, Breaks, Indent. Position, Wrap Text, Align
  • References: Table of Content, Cross Reference, Indent
  • Mailing: Mail merge, Envelopes, Labels
  • Review: Spelling and Grammar, Word Count, Comment
  • View: Views, Ruler, Zoom in and Out, Split, Macros
  • Bangla Typing: Bijoy 52, Avro, Convert Process
  • Font Collection & Installation
MS Excel
  • Introduction: The Basics of Excel,

  • Formatting a Worksheet

  • Editing a Workbooks

  • Formulas

  • Data Table

  • Working with the forms menu

  • Creating & Working with Charts

MS Power Point
  • Initials to make Power Point Presentation

  • Choosing a Topic, Collecting Information

  • Exploring Menu Bar, Home Menu, Insert Menu, Design Menu

  • Using Built-in PowerPoint template, Exploring Layout and Selecting desired one

  • Typing or Message Writing Techniques and Tips

  • Inserting Shape, Align Shapes, Picture, Audio, and Video

  • Adding Animation: Slide Transaction and Customized Animation, Formatting Text

  • Design: Themes, Background, Transaction, Animation, Slide Show and Review

  • Development: Link Slides, Hyper-links, Finalization

  • Slide Master

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